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Success Stories


519-275-1340 | vegiscape@gmail.com | vegiscape.com Kai Groen: Trading truck routes for veggie roots What do you do with a university degree in English, History and Philosophy? “I drove truck,” Kai Groen shrugs and smiles. Years later, he is now rolling out Vegiscape, his market gardening and ‘edible landscaping’ business in Stratford and Perth County. The […]

The Red Rabbit

64 Wellinton Street, Stratford | 519-722-7296 | redrabbitresto.com Passion to Share: A worker-owned restaurant with a unique financial model “Embarrassment of riches” sums up the Stratford food scene, with over a dozen entrepreneurial, chef-driven restaurants within two blocks of City Hall, plus culinary events and organizations reaching out into Perth County’s prodigious farming community. One […]

Linleys – A Food Shop

51 York Street, Stratford | 519-508-884 | linleys.ca Restaurateur’s Pivot: Prior success creates new options “We resisted calling it Linleys,” says Aaron Linley. And Bronwyn Linley concurs. “We hoped to call it something else,” she says of the couple’s new business, Linleys, A Food Shop. “But our store designer, Ron Nuhn, talked us into it.” […]